Fiber-based devices for plastic and glass fibers


Available in:

13 versions

BFB fiber-based devices for plastic and glass fibers from Balluff are used when a conventional optical sensor would be too large or too rigid for the application. They can be combined with plastic or glass fiber optics for a complete sensor so that, depending on the application, the maximum amount of flexibility is available to you.

Our large selection of plastic fiber optics can be used especially when requirements for robustness or resistance to environmental temperatures or chemicals are not too ideal. We do, however, have high-temperature-resistant fibers available in our range of products. With glass fiber optics, we also offer tread-resistant, temperature-resistant, and chemical-resistant variants.


  • Detection of low contrast differences
  • Very fast – up to 8 kHz
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Flexibly mountable, simple to install
  • Additional functions available (parameterizable)
  • Mechanically robust
  • Highly-accurate switching
  • With one-way or detecting principle
  • Straight or angled optics
  • Compact configuration for mounting on top-hat rails
  • With or without display
  • Different light types (red or infrared)
  • Also optionally available with analog output signal
  • Different model series for glass or plastic fibers