Diffuse sensors

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    Our vast array of diffuse sensors offers an economical solution if you want to reliably detect contrast differences. These diffuse sensors detect objects based on their surface, color, and material. Thus, their scanning range depends on the size, shape, color, and texture of the reflective object surface.

    The transmitter and receiver are housed together in a single unit so that you can easily mount the diffuse sensors and align them quickly using their highly visible light beams.

    You select the most suitable light type based on your application. Depending on the model, our diffuse sensors offer you highly visible red light, invisible infrared light, or very precise laser light that is ideally suited for detecting small parts.

    For color-independent and surface-independent detection, we recommend diffuse sensors with background suppression. They work with red light or the laser red light that is ideally suited for detecting small parts . Their scanning behavior is virtually constant, even with different reflectance levels.


    • Ideal for detecting contrast differences – dependent upon surface, color and material
    • Economical and easy to mount and align thanks to visible light beams
    • Shorter ranges as compared to retro-reflective and through-beam sensors
    • Mounting includes only one electrical device