Capacitive sensors with special properties


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21 versions

At Balluff, your requirements determine our range of products. Our portfolio includes capacitive sensors specifically for high technical requirements, such as for high pressure or temperatures. As self-adhering variants, they adapt very easily to the surface they are to be attached to in a flexible manner. Housing materials such as stainless steel, plastic, or PTFE make them ideal for use in tough environments. In addition, they feature a wide range of operating voltages and are available in particularly small configurations.

For use at extremely high temperatures or when space is limited, we offer sensor heads with remote electronics. These can also be installed in hard-to-reach places and fine-tuned easily. Since their amplifiers are available with switching or analog output, or with IO-Link interface, you can use the sensors across a wide range of applications. For example, depending on which output you choose, you can use it to detect a limit level or continuous fill level detection.


  • Capacitive sensors with stainless steel, plastic, or PTFE housing
  • High temperature resistant up to 250 °C, pressure rated of up to 6 bar at 180 °C, and high pressure-rated for up to 150 bar
  • Sensor heads for use with separate amplifier, IO-Link capable
  • Self-adhering variants for easy and flexible attachment