Inductive distance sensors


Available in:

61 versions

Our BAW inductive distance sensors measure various positions, distances, and can differentiate between material variants. They work without making contact, and so remain distinguished by a long service life free from wear.

The included teach function has an adjustable linearity range. This enables quick commissioning during initial installation and ensures short downtimes when replacing sensors.

The multiplicity of available configurations allows the inductive distance sensors to be easily integrated into any application. Important applications include monitoring movements in joining, pressing, or clamping equipment used for mechanical engineering or detecting axle imbalances and expansions. The inductive distance sensors supply an absolute analog voltage, current, or IO-Link signal.


  • Compact, solid and reliable
  • Non-contacting and thus free from wear
  • Absolute measuring principle
  • Measurement range from 0.2 to 50 mm, also teachable
  • Quick response time, high reproducibility, and linearity
  • Broad temperature range, minimal temperature drift
  • Simple application via analog interfaces and IO-Link