Optical windows


Available in:

41 versions

Our BOW optical windows are useful when objects need to be scanned, not just at specific points, but over an area. Their multitude of parallel beams enable them to detect objects within a wide window. At the same time, our optical windows ensure uniform resolution at every point within the frame.

Optical windows from Balluff are available in dynamic and static variants. The dynamic version only recognizes moving objects within the active area without being influenced by feeder devices. They’re ideal for scanning and counting quickly-moving, jumbled items.


  • Uniformly high resolution over the whole area of the frame
  • Detection of small parts with a diameter of up to 0.8 mm
  • Robust metal housing with M8 standard plug connector
  • Adjustable sensitivity and output signal length
  • Dynamic and static variants
  • Modular construction kit with numerous frame sizes