Fork sensors


Available in:

71 versions

Our BGL fork sensors (with transmitter and receiver in one housing) are already aligned. This reduces effort and saves valuable time during commissioning and facilitates reliable processes.

In terms of accuracy, the fork sensors from Balluff are unrivaled for small-component and detail detection as well as operational reliability. Achieve the best results with our laser fork sensors for precise positioning, secure detection of fast movement sequences, small parts in robotics, and automation.

Our comprehensive portfolio also offers you reliable solutions for difficult applications. Some special applications include transparency detection, water detection, and web edge control.


  • Different light types (red light, infrared, laser)
  • Robust metal housing
  • Simple alignment to the object
  • High optical resolution and reproducibility
  • Fork widths from 5…220 mm with standardized mounting holes
  • Identical mechanical and optical axes
  • The transmitter and receiver are firmly aligned to each other, yielding high process reliability