Inductive positioning systems


Available in:

33 versions

BIP inductive positioning systems are up to the task even in tight installation conditions. Perfectly integratable, it measures the position of metallic objects with maximum precision in a non-contacting, wear-free manner. They reliably detect linear measured displacements via a simple target. A simple component of the machine, such as a rotary disk, can also function as a target. Measured values are relayed via IO-Link or as analog, depending upon the version.

The primary field of application for the sensors is monitoring drive spindles and clamping devices. In this case, inductive positioning systems ensure that clamping processes flow without malfunctions. In addition, the positioning system can be used in mechanical engineering for many other applications with linear motion, such as determining punch depth, grip positions, roller placements, valve positions, etc. High reproducibility thus ensures optimum process quality.


  • Measurement ranges adjustable from 0-133 mm
  • No mechanical adjustment is necessary
  • Non-contacting and thus free from wear
  • High level of reproducibility and precise positioning
  • Analog and digital interfaces