Retroreflective sensors


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121 versions

Whatever your application, Balluff offers you a wide range of retroreflective sensors. These enable you to reliably detect objects regardless of surface, color, and material. If you use a polarizing filter, our retroreflective sensors even enable you to detect shiny objects.

The transmitter and receiver are housed together in a single unit so that you can easily mount this light barrier and align it quickly with its generous mounting tolerances.

You select the most suitable light type based on your requirements. Depending on the model, our retroreflective sensors work with highly visible red light, invisible infrared light, or very precise laser light that is ideally suited for detecting small parts.


  • Simple alignment thanks to generous mounting tolerances
  • Large reflectors for high ranges
  • Reliable detection – regardless of surface, color, and material
  • Also with a pole filter suitable for detecting shiny objects
  • Mounting includes only one electrical device plus reflector