Capacitive sensor heads for amplifiers


Available in:

24 versions

Wherever a sensor with integrated electronics would not work optimally due to its environment, the capacitive sensor heads from Balluff offer you the precision to keep your system running. These are suitable for detecting liquid, paste-like, and powdery media – in direct contact or even through up to 4 mm thick container walls made of glass and plastic.

Thanks to the compact design, our solutions work exceptionally well in tight spaces, due to the electronics being separated from the sensor head.

Choose between versions in PTFE or stainless steel housings, for use in extreme temperatures and high pressure. Also available is the amplifier with either a switching or analog output or an IO-Link interface. This will effectively solve your individual requirements.


  • Capacitive sensor heads made of PTFE material and in stainless steel housings for very extreme temperatures, the highest pressures, and tight spaces
  • Operation via a separate remote amplifier, optionally with switching signal – analog or with IO-Link
  • Quick, easy, and cost-effective installation
  • Environment-resistant and robust variants available