Angle sensors


Available in:

27 versions

BWL angle sensors from Balluff are a logical development of Balluff’s fork sensors for more demanding applications. Their special housing configuration and beam geometry enable objects to approach and be recognized from almost every direction.

Red light and laser variants guarantee a wide range of application scenarios: Such as when controlling the feed of flat and large objects, when counting and detecting objects in complex feeders, as well as in a variety of other applications in severe industrial environments.

Installation is very simple even in difficult, confined spaces: The transmitter and receiver are firmly affixed to each other, making expensive brackets superfluous. Even time-intensive adjustments are eliminated.


  • Ideal for each application using various types of light (red light, infrared, laser)
  • Robust metal housing
  • Extremely flexible mounting thanks to its angled shape
  • High optical resolution and reproducibility
  • Identical mechanical and optical axes
  • High process reliability since the transmitter and receiver are firmly aligned to each other
  • No time-intensive adjustment