Magnetic field sensors for T-slot


Available in:

161 versions

Our BMF magnetic field sensors for T-slots can be mounted directly in the groove and distinguish themselves with their particularly strong hold. They can be mounted flush so that they are suitable for space-critical applications.

In addition, Balluff offers extremely short configurations for flexible usage options. The sensors detect the piston position without contact through the cylinder walls. The system is adaptable for cylinders and grippers with both strong and weak magnets.

Thanks to the especially bright LEDs, they reliably recognize the switching state of the sensor, even at large distances. The magnetic field sensors for T-slots are also available in metal housings, for use in very harsh environments, such as with welding spatter or flying sparks. Also available with magnetic-field-sensitive electronics for industrial environments with high welding currents.


  • Reliable switching behavior thanks to precise switchpoints
  • Non-contacting and thus free from wear
  • Impervious to contamination