Condition Monitoring Sensors with multi-function


Available in: 2 versions

Condition monitoring sensors from Balluff record various physical variables – such as vibration, temperature, humidity and air pressure – process them and supply the desired data to a higher-level system via IO-Link. Thanks to the standardized IO-Link protocol, you can conveniently parameterize the sensors and individually adapt the evaluation in the sensor to the application. Using the flexible process data design, up to five measured or pre-processed data can be freely configured and cyclically transmitted.

Our condition monitoring sensors thus make a significant contribution to the efficient and trouble-free operation of every plant and significantly increase the effectiveness of the entire plant.


  • Multiple measured variables in one device: vibration, temperature, humidity, air pressure
  • Integrated evaluation electronics with configurable data pre-processing
  • Configurable events and status displays
  • Quick to connect and easy to integrate via IO-Link
  • Flexible process data design for simultaneous transmission of several variables
  • Self-awareness functions for sensor self-monitoring
  • Compact design with little space