Network blocks for Profibus


Available in: 3 versions

As a solution provider, Balluff offers a wide range of components for optimal Profibus use. The mature fieldbus technology has been reliably supporting modern production for decades. Regardless of the controller manufacturer you use, you can find the optimum solution in our range of products.

You will benefit from efficient field and process communication with simple wiring, fast integration through direct installation in your system, and the capability of quick modifications. This is even true in harsh industrial environments. Our Profibus solutions are IO-Link capable giving you the direct benefit of all the IO-Link advantages. Your efficiency grows with mature connection technology from Balluff.


  • Consistent diagnostics: no system failure
  • Central parameter setting: systems quickly go back to being operational
  • Time and cost savings
  • Facilitated plant expansion and investment security through IEC 61158/EN 50170 standardization