Inductive couplers for IO-Link signal transmission


Available in: 16 versions

Inductive couplers for IO-Link signal transmission are used for non-contact transmission of power and data over an air gap. This renders mechanical plug-in contacts superfluous. When using our bi-directional coupling system with IO-Link, data exchange in both directions is possible.

The contact-free signal transmission on IO-Link Standard is transparently structured: the system performs “invisibly” and does not have to be configured. You can very easily integrate it between IO-Link-Master and IO-Link-Device to communicate immediately.

The system has a complete IO-Link interface, regardless of the IO-Link version. Events, parameters, and process data are exchanged directly between the master and the device.


  • Simultaneous control of actuators and gathering of sensor signals
  • AUX power for actuators can be switched on and off
  • No configuration needed – simple installation via Plug and Work
  • IO-Link functions through to the device
  • Flexible process data length