Compressor cooler with intelligent functions (for sealed indoor enclosures only)

・Easy to change fans and filters

・Equipped with various intelligent functions

– Temperature control with changeable setting (operating/alarming temperatures)

– Digital temperature indicator

– Energy saving operation mode

– Self diagnosis

・Enabling remote monitoring of operations by self diagnosis

– Detection of abnormal inside temperature (alarm indication and output)

– Overload detection (alarm indication and output)

– Overload protection (alarm indication and output)

– Detection of thermistor disconnection (alarm indication and output)

– Automatic defrosting (alarm indication and output)

– Cooling operation output

– Notice of maintenance timing (indication and output)

・Made in Japan


Paint color Light beige (5Y8/1)
Application / IP degree Indoor. IP5X (category 2)
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Service temperature +20 to +50℃
Temperature setting range +25 to +50℃
Alarm temperature setting range +30 to +60℃
Refrigerant HFC-134a