High-Efficient Small Electrical Cooler

Highly efficient and small-sized cooler free of fluorocarbons

・Best-in-the-industry COP achieved (COP 1.35 compared to COP 0.5 of conventional electric coolers)

・Highly reliable thermoelectric cooling element (Peltier element)

・Drain saving (no drain observed at over 33℃ inside enclosures)

・Best suited for controlling temperature inside enclosures

・Equipped with LED lumps that indicate operation or alarm condition

・Equipped with alarm that goes off at abnormal temperature inside enclosures

・Equipped with function to notify the timings of changing fans and power source

・Equipped with function to notify maintenance timing

・Made in Japan


Paint color Light beige (5Y7/1)
Application / IP degree Indoor, IP5X (category 2)
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Service temperature 0 to +50℃
Temperature setting range +37 to +50℃
Alarm temperature setting range +42 to +55℃