Self-standing enclosure for control panel with rich variation

・Lockable flat waterproof handle

・Equipped with welded nuts on door back side and body sides

・Optional lighting bar available

・Equipped with wire supporting rail on body sides

・Equipped with steel drawing holder

・Made in Japan

Paint color Light beige (5Y7/1) Cream (2.5Y9/1)
Material Steel
Mounting plate Steel mounting plate (2.3mm), painted in cream (2.5Y8/2)
Application / IP degree Indoor, IP5X (Category 2) (Single door type), IP4X (double door type)
Thickness Door : 2.3mm

Body : 2.3mm

Bottom opening plate: 1.6mm

Base: 3.2mm for depth 250mm, 3.2mm and 4.5mm for depth 350, 400 and 500mm

Handle Waterproof flat handle, small (H-85) for hight below 1200mm, large (H-87) for height over 1400mm (key No.N200: 2 pcs)
Door type Single or double swing door