Pressure sensors without display


Available in: 141 versions

Our BSP pressure sensors (without display) are easy to install as well as extremely compact and robust thanks to their stainless steel housing.


  • Compact and robust stainless steel housing
  • Simple to install on-site
  • Pressure range –1…600 bar
  • Measuring principle: Relative pressure
  • Process connection in stainless steel G1/4“, G1/2“, R1/4“, NPT1/4“
  • Flush with the front using Tri-Clamp 1.5″
  • M12 connection
  • Output as 4…20 mA, 0…10 V or IO-Link with switching output (NPN/PNP)
  • Output 4…20 mA as a two-conductor system
  • Expanded temperature range (media temperature of -40…+125 °C)
  • Ceramic measuring cells (Al2O3) or stainless steel measuring cells
  • Extended input voltage range 8…32 V DC
  • UL approval
  • Customer-specific modifications upon request