FG-200, BGL, RG-200/300, RG-PN3, RK-200, RG-PN6

The web position is corrected by the tilting motion of 2 guide rollers. End-pivot type, center-pivot type, and single roller type are available, and the drive source can be selected from either electric type or pneumatic type depending on the place where it will be used. It can be used not only for webs such as woven fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, films, and paper but also for guiding conveyor belts.

Center-pivot type Roll Guider

– FG-200(Electric), BGL(Pneumatic)

Since the tension difference between the two edges of the web is small, this unit is particularly suitable for correcting webs that are wrinkle-prone or webs that are not elastic and are easy to break.

End-pivot type

– RG-200/300(Electric),RG-PN3(Pneumatic)

This type has a wide range of applications that can be used for guiding a wide variety of webs.

Single roller type

– RK-200(Electric),RG-PN6(Pneumatic)

The actuator operates a single guide roller to correct the web position.