IDEC HE6B Series


HE6B is ergonomically designed to work where human interaction is required to turn on a machine or robot while the user is in a potentially dangerous area. Typically enabling switches are installed in grip switches or pendant stations. This 3-position enabling switch not only turns a machine on when pressed, but also turns machines off when over pressed or squeezed, as long as the switch is installed correctly in an adequate safety circuit. Two contacts are provided so that even if one contact fails, the other can disable machine operation. Functionality is the same as all previous HE devices and meets all stringent requirements to meet IEC standard 60947-5-8 for this class of products. A waterproof rubber boot, available in yellow or black, provides IP65 protection.

3 –Position Operation, how it works: By holding an enabling switch, an operator can avert danger when a machine operates unexpectedly. When the panicked operator either releases or grasps tightly the enabling switch, the switch disables the machine operation in either situation.