Handheld-code-reader BVS HS-P


Available in: 4 versions

Balluff BVS HS-P handheld code readers read all standard 1D, 2D and stacked barcodes from documents, plastic labels, circuit boards and metal parts. The readers are robust and combine maximum reading performance with great user experience. They offer IP65 protection and can withstand multiple drops on concrete from up to 2 m, making them reliable for use in your industry, logistics and warehousing.

Mobile operation

The wireless versions are equipped with Bluetooth technology for safe data transmission. This allows users freedom of movement in an environment of up to 100 m around the base station.

Diverse applications

The handheld code readers have various applications including: control of replenishment process (Kanban systems), manufacturing control, optical tool identification, component tracking, quality control and inventory control (control by Kanban systems).